Interesting Editing

The house they use as the residence of the main character is a home on Carroll Avenue in the Angelino Heights neighborhood near downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Many scenes are shot in downtown L.A though the subject of the series is San Francisco. -- User:Mikemora 29 September 2007

They should have used a house typically from San Francisco like a house from Full House. The Full House exterior scene was more convincing. I didn't think buy it that much. They should have done some basic research about a typical San Franciscan house to make it more convincing. Realistically Vassers would live in a condo attached to other condos. Things are expensive in San Francisco, therefore a reporter would able to afford a condo at best. -- User: 29 September 2007

i came across this and it reminds me very very very strongly of something

quantum leap anyone?

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