The San Francisco Police Department is located in downtown San Francisco. Jack Vasser is employed with the department as a police officer. Katie Vasser once wrote an article about the procedure for questioning, which is suggested to have not been shed under a positive light. When Dan Vasser has been missing for a day, Katie seeks his brother Jack's help before she can officially file a missing persons report.

Later, Jack brings his brother in for questioning regarding an accident which involved Dan's car. He's going to be arrested for "felony hit and run," but is not charged for lack of evidence. One witness attests to the fact that no one was driving Dan's car when the accident occurs, an event that Jack can't explain.

The set used in Journeyman to represent the San Francisco Police Department looks nothing like any of the actual SFPD facilities. The real SFPD headquarters is located in the Hall of Justice on Bryant Street, an Eisenhower-era building that, unfortunately, looks significantly shabbier than the one portrayed in the series.