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Livia Beale is the ex-fiancé of Dan Vasser. She had served as a Deputy District Attorney for San Francisco until she supposedly died in a plane crash. Her body was never found.

Dan encounters various versions of Livia in the past, before he met her and while they were engaged to be married. Although he realizes that he has a chance to tell her not to get on the fateful flight, Dan resists and instead becomes wrapped up in a developing situation with Neal Gaines.

During a sojourn to the past in "A Love for a Lifetime", Dan encounters a version of Livia who seems to know that Dan has been traveling through time. Revealing just enough to Dan to suggest that she has been on a similar journey since her "death", Livia disappears before she can answer any more of Dan's questions.

Livia become Dan's guide during his 'journeys' in the past. In Game Three, Livia tells Dan that she has been taking similar journeys for a long time, even before meeting Dan, although she somehow stopped taking journeys while she was in a relationship with Dan. She resumed time traveling when she "left" in the airplane crash. Now Livia is Dan's guide and adviser during his journeys. In Game Three, she advises him to focus his mission on saving Alan Pratt's life, although Dan wants to save lives when he arrives on the day of the Loma Prieta earthquake. She advises Dan not to change any other people's lives, like saving them from the earthquake. On one occasion she interferes with Dan's plan to save people from death, like Charlotte Skillen.