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Katie Vasser (maiden name Katie Barron) is the wife of Dan Vasser. She is around 34 years old.



Katie on Channel 6 News

Early life

Katie Barron was 16 at the time of Loma Prieta earthquake. Before getting together with Dan, Katie was romantically involved with Jack Vasser. At this time, Dan was involved with Livia Beale. The four were good friends, and often saw each other.

With Dan

Katie and Dan became close after the supposed death of Livia Beale. One night after drinking heavily, Dan entered a $20,000 game of poker. Luckily, Katie was warned that Dan was acting in a nonsensical way, and she pulled him out of the game. After taking him back to his apartment, the two knew they were going to be together.

Family life


Jack and Katie meet to discuss Dan

Katie had a career as an anchorwoman for Channel Six, having once done a story about the San Francisco Police Department's questioning practices. However, after Dan and Katie married, they had a son; Zack. She left the station to focus on her family life. They bought an old Victorian house and life together in San Francisco.


After Dan revealed that he has been time travelling, Katie began to take more control of Zack. They had many problems with Jack, who butted into the couple's life when he thought that he his brother had begun gambling again. Jack talked to Katie about the problems, and when the couple revealed to Jack that Dan could time-travel, Jack refused to believe them.


Katie is held hostage by Aeden Bennett

Kate eventually decided that she wanted to return to Channel Six as a reporter. However, she kept her thoughts seperate from Dan, as she thought he would not agree. However, he eventually found out, and did decide to support her, despite the fact that Dan revealed that, according to Livia, his trips would begin to get longer.

After saving two girls from Aeden Bennett in the past, the madman comes back to haunt the Vasser family when he is released from prison. After shooting Dan, who then travels back in time, Bennett becomes confused and tricks Katie into returning home just before she can start her job at Channel Six again. He keeps her hostage, forcing her to make lunch, until Dan returns. She gets away before Dan manages to talk Bennett out of shooting him. Bennett is then taken away by the police.