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Journeyman Wiki is a collaborative website about the new NBC series Journeyman, starring Kevin McKidd as Dan Vasser. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article; check out the FAQ to get started!

  • Journeyman wasn't picked up for a new season after the writer's strike despite efforts made by the "Save Journeyman" initiative. Ain't It Cool News recently interviewed series creator Kevin Falls where he reveals the secrets of the series that never came to be.

Dan Vasser is an average man until he finds that he's endowed with a mysterious quality -- the ability to travel in time and to change people's lives, including his own.
These jumps are random and can happen at any time. Traveling in time has positive as well as negative effects on other people's lives. Dan's guide on his travels is his ex-fiancé Livia, who had apparently died many years ago in a plane crash. Dan passes through tumultuous moments and has to deal with his past love, Livia, and his current wife, Katie.

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