The Hanged Man
Air Date December 17, 2007
Written by Tracy McMillan
Director Steven DePaul
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Dan is sent to rescue a mother and son in an RV hanging from a cliff. Upon his return to the present, he realizes there are dire consequences to leaving things behind in the past when Zack goes missing. Meanwhile, Katie's sister (Melinda McGraw) visits and believes Dan needs help.


Dan travels back in time to find himself in an RV hanging off a cliff and he must save the mother and son in the front of the van.

But Dan leaves behind a digital camera from 2007 in the RV. It has dire consequences for his present day.

Katie throws a dinner party in her sister Annette's honour; when Annette suspects Dan is up to no good she suggests Katie see a psychic to try explain Dan's disappearances. Is Dan cheating? Gambling? Or both! But when Dan receives his astrological chart from the psychic it reveals Dan was born during the Joseph Lee Comet, a very rare occurrence which only happened one other time in 100 years: 23rd March 1923… Livia's birthday!

Featured music

  • Der Kommissar by After the Fire (1983)



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