The Legend of Dylan McCleen
Air Date October 22, 2007
Written by Matt McGuinness
Director Allison Liddi Brown
Previous episode "The Year of the Rabbit"
Next episode "Keepers"

While shopping at a grocer's market with Katie, Zack becomes separated from Dan when he's pulled back to 1975. There, he encounters Dylan McCleen, an alias for a man that history records as a terrorist who skydived out of a plane he hijacked who was never found.

Featured Music

  • "Black Water" by Doobie Brothers
  • "Shooting Star" by Bad Company
  • "Shelter from the Storm" by Bob Dylan

Historical References

  • Jack makes a joke about Dan's explanation for why he disappeared, referencing Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 film.
Dan: I got sick, Vertigo, or...
Jack: What'd you fall in the bay?

The film also takes place in San Francisco, where the female lead throws herself into the bay by the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • A poster advertisement for Steven Spielberg's Jaws can be seen on a bus.



Guest starring


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"The Year of the Rabbit" "Keepers"

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