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Diana Bloom (February 12, 1944 - May 2, 1991) is a woman that Dan Vasser first met when he appears on an airplane on November 20, 1975. Dan sits next to Diana just before her water breaks and he helps deliver her daughter Tanna. After getting off the plane with her, he travels back to the present. Later, Dan travels to the 1980's where he sees Diana talking to a young Tanna, the one he delivered. When he walks by her, Diana recognizes Dan as the man who helped and is overjoyed to see him. She tells him that she's been looking for him for years and they talk while traveling on a street car. Diana tells him that Tanna wants to meet her father, but that she doesn't think it's a good idea. Dan advises her that if she doesn't let Tanna meet her father that she might resent Diana for it. When they get off the street car, Diana says that she wants Dan to meet Tanna sometime. He tells her that he'll probably run into her. They shake hands, Diana walks down the street, and Dan returns to the present. In the present, Dan finds out online that Diana had died of an aortic dissection.


Young Tanna and her mother Diana Bloom


Diana and Dan meet years later

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