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Dan Vasser (born July 6, 1972) is a newspaper reporter for the San Francisco Register. Dan, Katie and their son Zack live in a Victorian house in San Francisco. He drives a Ford Mustang to work, which is totalled in "A Love for a Lifetime". It's suggested that Dan previously had a gambling problem with an as-yet unidentified friend named Eddie.

At least ten years ago, Dan was engaged to Livia Beale, but he lost her when she supposedly died in plane crash. Her body was never found. Approximately seven years ago he married Katie, and moved into their current house.

Dan's brother is Jack Vasser, a cop.

Dan leads a normal, average life, until he suddenly finds that he has a mysterious gift - the ability to travel in time, and change people's lives.

In one of his travels, Dan runs into time-traveling ex-fiancé Livia who had 'escaped' before the plane crashed. In other travels, he runs into younger Livia many times in different periods of time.

Dan passes through tumultuous moments and has to deal with his past love, Livia, and his current wife, Katie.