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Dan Vasser is a reporter who goes about doing his daily routine like going to work. Dan Vasser disappear into unknown past for a brief moment. but he emerges in the present suddenly. He has dinner with his wife Katie at the Cafe Luna. Next morning Dan disappears suddenly into the past in 1987, and this disappearance nerves Katie enough to contact Jack, Dan's brother and a police officer. When he finally makes it home his wife wants to know where he has been for the past two days. He is at loss to explain his past two days, because he doesn't really believe that he was in the past, but he thinks he is having some kind of hallucination.

A quick internet research of Neal Gaines convinces him that his trips were real. He tried to resume his normal life, but once again Dan vanishes into the past in 1990. Dan's disappearances are starting to frighten Katie, because he is behaving in very disturbing way like he is on drugs or something. He is not showing up for work or home, and he is acting very irresponsible by not calling her and anybody else.

Dan shows up at his son Zack's piano concert. Dan and Katie has huge fight because Dan is trying to convince Katie that he has traveled back in time, but Katie doesn't believe him. Dan picks up delayed anniversary ring and he goes home, but he meets an intervention team of his wife, his boss and few other people. He tries to convince that he is not on drugs, but he is interrupted by his brother Jack who came to arrest Dan for an accident he caused when he disappears into the past while he was driving his car. At a police Station, Jack tried to get direct answers to Dan's whereabouts. Dan tried to convince him that he traveled back in time and meet ex-fiancée Livia Beale

While he going down the elevator, he does web searches on Nicole and Neal Gaines, and he learned that Neal has killed Nicole back in 1997. Once again Dan disappears into the past. A couple of hours later, Dan emerging from the past calls his brother Jack to pick him up. Jack and Dan has brief conversation, where Dan tried to convince Jack that he has traveled in time. Dan goes inside the house, where he meets Katie. Katie wants Dan to leave, but Dan shows the ring and newspaper from toolbox that he buried in 1997. This is some proof that he has traveled back in time.

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