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about an upcoming Journeyman episode.

Unknown Date: Melissa Waters is engaged to William Johnson. Dan Vasser witnesses William buy a gun.

December 31,1997: Dan buries a toolbox containing his ring in the backyard of his Victorian house which was unoccupied at the time. Next he gets inside his old apartment where he meets Livia, his ex-fiancee. He pretends to his younger self but resists making love to her due to his love his current wife. On the way out, he encounters Livia who is time traveling much like him. He finds out that she got on the plane but left before it crashed. He tried to ask more questions but she left quickly. He finds out it's the day of the Nicole Gaines' murder. He goes toward his engagement party, such that he could contact ex-fiancee Livia. When Dan of the engagement party leaves the party due to assignment, Dan pretends to be his former self to talk with Livia to ask favor to get information about Nicole and Neal Gaines. Using information obtained from Livia, he goes toward Neal.

He tracks down Neal Gaines at the bus stop who is waiting to get on a bus, and Dan follows him onto the bus. Dan pretends to be Neal's former classmate to get more information from Neal. After Dan gets out where Neal gets out, Dan stops Neal from killing Nicole and her son Jacob by yelling at Neal Gaines which result him being struck by bus.

Alternate December 31,1997: Neal Gaines kills Nicole Gaines and Jacob.

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